Why Chiropractors & Pain Management Clinics need Medical Billing Services

Chiropractic and pain management clinics are gaining momentum and popularity in the United States. More people are interested in non-invasive medicine. Pain management clinics, usually include many doctors from many different specialties. However, most pain clinics will at least have a medical doctor, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist. Sometimes they will have an acupuncturist on staff, as well. A patient may come in, and receive services from all 4 doctors. The patient will go in for an office visit with the medical doctor (99213), then a manipulation with the chiropractor (98940), then go receive a hot/cold pack from the physical therapist, and end the day by getting some much needed acupuncture. This encounter form will look very confusing, and will be a challenge to bill. However, reputable physician billing companies will have the knowledge you need, to bill this patient’s insurance correctly, and receive prompt reimbursement. Check out these 2 reasons why Chiropractors and pain management clinics should consider using medical billing services.

Tailor Made Medical Billing Solutions

If you have any problems in your office, in regards to physician billing, or practice management, a billing service can help. If you have a great billing department, but your A/R needs some sprucing up, a this service can help. If you want to keep your in-house physician billing department, but you would like to increase your reimbursement percentage, this service can help you. If you are unsure that your codes are up to date, they have you covered. If your not sure if a physician billing company is the best for you, give them a call, email or shout because they would love to hear from you. If you need help getting credentialed with Insurance companies, so that you can begin billing in network, this service can help you. If you need a medical transcriptionist, they can help. If your Chiropractic office or pain management clinic is in need of any physician billing company, including consultation, contact a reputable medical billing service.

Medical Billing Services Guarantees Great Benefits

Billing services can customize their medical billing services to fit your needs. The most important benefit we can offer is timely, and accurate billing. My mantra is “Let us scrub your claims clean”. A clean claim, is a claim that will be reimbursed. This is because we have strictly adhered to the guidelines set forth by the federal government and insurance companies. When claims go out clean, you don’t run the risk of being audited by Insurance companies. Audits are triggered when fraud or unethical billing practices are suspected by the Insurance company. And unfortunately, when one Insurance company audits you, it sends a red flag to all of the other Insurance companies you send claims to. An experienced physician billing service can help you greatly reduce the odds of claim rejections and denials, all while optimizing reimbursement for all outgoing claims and A/R.

As you can see, outsourcing medical billing services can be a great advantage to a physician’s practice, large or small. The greatest thing that will determine your success is the efficiency of your medical billing department. Outsourcing your medical billing services can increase your revenue from 5% – 30%. If you would like to know if outsourcing your physicians billing and practice management services can benefit your practice, visit our website, and we will tell you how to receive a free practice cost analysis. This way you can see in real numbers, just how advantageous outsourcing your medical billing services to Everest A/R Management Group Inc.

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