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At Everest A/R Management Group, we have a team of experienced billers and coders who cover more than 20 medical specialties. By more than two decades, we are providing customized Anesthesia medical billing, coding and accounts receivable services to healthcare providers, revenue cycle companies, and healthcare systems not just in Florida but all over the United States; we have the people, processes, and technology in place to deliver high-quality services. 

Anesthesia providers can be classified into different levels – Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA). They play a key role in understanding the patient’s medical history and condition. However, they often face difficulties in getting accurately reimbursed for their services.

An anesthesiology service’s ability to generate and collect revenue is integral to its success. The key components of efficient anesthesia billing are a knowledgeable and trained revenue cycle team, software specialized for your billing needs, and billing practices that adhere to the rules. By outsourcing your billing and coding requirements to a technologically empowered billing company like Everest A/R Management Group Inc, means you can shift your focus to providing enhanced patient care. 

By obtaining authorization and validating the patient’s eligibility and benefits before the surgery. We are also aware of the services that can or cannot be bundled together with the anesthesiology service offered. Our expertise in Anesthesia includes but is not limited to: topical infiltration, local anesthesia, metacarpal/Metatarsal/Digital blocks, regional anesthesia o Peripheral Nerve Blocks o Epidural or Spinal Anesthesia, Monitored Anesthesia Care.

Leverage our expertise in various disciplines of Anesthesia for Anesthesiologist.

We have certified coders not just in Florida but across the US who work 24/7 to prevent billing problems caused by incorrect use of modifiers, as well as educate your in-house billing specialist on how to avoid them. Our certified coders and billers acknowledge the list of codes and modifiers provided by the CMS for Anesthesia billing and ensure that we stick to it. Anesthesia billing can become complicated as it requires documentation of a high number of records, such as:

Pre-operative assessment – The pre-operative review encompasses the patient’s and their family’s medical history as well as any drug or tobacco habits that have to be considered while working out the necessary dosage of anesthetics.

Anesthesia sheet – The Anesthesia sheet involves the documentation of the following:

  • Base unit – The base units indicate the level of complexity and skills required for the anesthetic service provided. The CMS publishes the base units annually.

  • Time unit – This is the time devoted to the patient receiving the anaesthetic or monitoring the patient’s condition before, after, or during surgery. Time units are figured by dividing the total minutes of service by 15.

  • Modifiers – Anesthesia modifiers (-AA, -QK, -QY, -QZ, and -QX) explain the role of the anesthesiologist and CRNA in anesthesia procedures. These modifiers are essential for clarification of whether the anesthesia procedure was personally performed by the anesthesiologist, medically directed, or medically supervised.
  • Formula – Anesthesia Reimbursement = (Base Units + Time Units + Modifiers) x Conversion Factor

Combined or bundled services –  Do not bill the following procedures along with anesthesia procedures.

  • Do not bill for the Injection of diagnostic or therapeutic substances along with anesthesia procedures (62320 – 62321 and 62324 – 62325), Nerve Blocks (64400 – 64530), Transesophageal Echo (TEE) (93312 – 93318), Laryngoscopy (31505, 31515, 31527), Bronchoscopy (31622, 31645, 31646)

Post operative assessment – The post-operative review contains records stating that the patient has not experienced any complications from the anesthetic

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