With Everest's Internal Medicine Billing & Coding and EHR Services, you can maximize profitability and minimize errors.

Reduce denials, increase collection and fix revenue leaks

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Internal Medicine Medical Billing, Coding, Practice Management & RCM Solutions that boost profitibilty & improve patients experience.

We understand the complexities of Intenral Medicine Billing, and our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your practice receives the reimbursement it deserves. Our services include claims submission, insurance follow-up, and appeals management. We work with all major insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, and our state-of-the-art technology ensures that your claims are processed quickly and accurately.

By more than two decades, we are providing customized Internal Medical Billing, Coding and accounts receivable services to healthcare providers, revenue cycle companies, and healthcare systems not just in Florida but all over the United States; we have the people, processes, and technology in place to deliver high-quality services. 

Our internal medicine medical billing services include:

  • Accurate and timely coding of all services and procedures
  • Submission of claims to all insurance providers
  • Follow-up on denied or delayed claims
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of your practice’s financial performance
  • Assistance with contract negotiations and managed care agreements

With our help, you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients while we take care of the billing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your internal medicine practice thrive.”

Leverage our expertise in various disciplines of Internal Medicine.

We have certified Internal Medicine billers and coders not just in Florida but across the US who work 24/7 to prevent billing problems caused by incorrect use of modifiers. Our certified coders and billers acknowledge the list of codes and modifiers provided by the CMS for Internal Medicine billing and ensure that we stick to it. 

Did you know?

  • CPT code 90471 is used to report one immunization, for either single or combination vaccine, where as CPT code 90472 is used in conjunction with 90471 to report each additional immunization.
  • Medicare does not cover immunizations and most local payer computer systems are programmed to reject codes 90471 and 90472, hence providers need to check patient eligibility before providing service.
  • CPT codes 96360-96379, 96401, 96402, 96409-96425, and 96521-96523 are not intended to be reported by the physician in the facility setting.
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Specialty Billing Services Florida

Our medical billing services in Florida can help you increase your revenue by reducing the number of denied and unpaid claims. Our billers in major cities like Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando can provide you with less paperwork and more accurate medical claims to improve the efficiency of your practice.


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