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At Everest A/R Management Group, we have a team of experienced billers and coders who cover more than 20 medical specialties. By more than two decades, we are providing quality medical billing, coding and accounts receivable services to healthcare providers, revenue cycle companies, and healthcare systems, we have the people, processes, and technology in place to deliver high-quality services. We have expertise across the following specialties:

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Specialty Medical Billing Services in Florida & across the United States.

Our specialty medical billing services in Florida can help you increase your revenue by reducing the number of denied and unpaid claims. Our billers in major cities of Florida including Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando can provide you with less paperwork and more accurate medical claims to improve the efficiency of your practice.



With our successful gastroenterology medical billing, you can avoid undesirable delays, denials, or underpayments. Our certified billing experts have a reputation for ensuring error-free coding, faster submission, and realisation of claims without denial.

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Orthopedic billing is considerably a bit complex compared to other specialties and requires a better understanding of providers’ services. Find Orthopedics related customized solutions that boost profitibility and increase patients experience the right way.

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Much like intricate diagnostic and treatment procedures for neurological disorders, billing for neurology also tends to be complex. It requires procedure-specific CPT for different diseases, including central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems.

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general surgery

General Surgery

Outsourcing your General Surgery billing & coding needs to Everest A/R Management offers you a great amount of control over revenue flow and patient experience. Our primary focus is delivering substantial revenue growth by modern technology and a highly trained workforce.

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Physical Therapy

The reason of denials in physical therapy billing is the “medical necessity” of the service offered. Our certified billers & coders have immense knowledge of Physical Therapy Billing. They understand the importance of billing and offer strategic solutions to improve your practice.

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Our certified, tech-savvy and experienced experts specializing in cardiology billing & coding services – have been critical to providing error and denial-free billing & coding services, which has resulted in unprecedented increase in medical reimbursements.

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anesthesia billing


Accurate documentation is essential to Anesthesia billing compliance, reimbursement, and any issues. Like with many healthcare practices, if it didn’t happen to document the services provided – could result in denied claims and revenue.

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Internal Medicine

As a premium Medical Billing Company Our expertise in providing internal medicine specialty medical billing services, certified coding and our in depth knowledge of the associated rules and processes enhances our ability to maximize your reimbursement.

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urgent care 1

Urgent Care

We offer comprehensive Urgent Care & Convenient Care Billing Services with 99.5 % first clean submission. Our team has full knowledge to handle your work flow and increase revenue thus allowing us to provide best practice management solutions for your office.

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Oncology is a complicated and lengthy process with extensive treatment plans to prevent and cure cancer. Consequently, the Oncology billing process necessitates comprehensive medical treatment documentation and prompt follow-up with insurance providers to ensure payment.

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Mental & Behavioral Health

There are three categories of errors most commonly noted in mental health billing review; Non- documentation & non-covered services,  unnecessary medical services. Find Mental Health related customized solutions that boost profitibility and increase patients experience.

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Our certified team of urology billers & coders understands the importance of Urology Billing & coding. We have established Urology related customized solutions, which help us reduce denials and improve profitibilty and increase reimbursement and collection of your practice 

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family practice

Family Practice

We have Family Medicine’s expert coders and billers whose only aim is to to gain maximum reimbursement for end-to-end Family Medicine services. They maintain high professional standards to meet the expectations of Family Medicine Practitioners. Learn more about Family Medicine Practice.

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We have experts billers who are competent in understanding the unique attributes of dermatology billing. Dermatology billing is intricate and complicated, as it has evolved immensely over the years. It necessitates an accurate description of skin lesions, including the size, quantity, and exact location. 

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Ob/GYN billing & coding can be challenging to most billers & coders due to the global claims, widely varying coverage terms, and multiple tests performed at numerous facilities. Apart from this, many OB/GYN practitioners lack the billing support provided to large hospitals. Find out how to overcome these challenges.

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Our billing & coding services offers a dedicated team of experts in order to accomplish maximum payout on billing claims. With an in-depth knowledge of Chiropractic Billing Services they are specialized in error-free claims submission for hospitals, medical practices and insurance scheme related to the specialty.

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We have experts billers who are competent in understanding the unique attributes of Radiology billing. Radiology medical billing requires significant knowledge of CPT codes and appropriate modifiers. As radiologists, you may be bound by diagnostic priorities that limit your exposure to medical billing.

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As preventive care strategies evolved, podiatry is becoming a crucial part of long-term patient care. As podiatrists become more conscious in patient care, the volume of claims, and preventive methods will continue to increase. In order to meet, podiatrists need a platform that allows them to get paid faster.

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